The Voyager Thread

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The Voyager Thread

Post by TrueCrazyLion on Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:53 pm

These have always captured my imagination more than any other spacecraft. Maybe because they were the first space probes to photograph the Outer Planets properly, and maybe because they’ve since become the first man-made objects to leave the Solar System; maybe both those things actually. But their story fascinates me whenever I think about it.

Here’s a clip of probably my favourite Voyager documentary so far from BBC4, with the intro:

Plus a piece called The Interstellar Quest, which looks good although I haven’t watched all of it yet:

The edition of The Sky at Night from when Voyager 2 encountered Uranus(kinda ties in with the other thread actually):

And the Sky at Night edition covering Voyager 2’s encounter with Neptune:


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