Hidden dangers of poor nutrition.

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Hidden dangers of poor nutrition. Empty Hidden dangers of poor nutrition.

Post by Agartha on Tue Sep 03, 2019 3:23 pm

I always tell my children: eat real food! Cook from scratch! Or you can get seriously ill sooner or later.

Teenager loses sight as eating disorder leads to malnutrition

Doctors highlight plight of 19-year-old from Bristol to warn of hidden dangers of poor nutrition.

The family of a teenager, from Bristol, who suffered irreversible eyesight loss after surviving on a diet of chips, white bread and processed snacks and meat have spoken of their heartache.
The teenager, now 19, has been a fussy eater from an early age and cannot tolerate the texture of fruit and vegetables.

His poor diet caused him to suffer from nutritional optic neuropathy, which is treatable if diagnosed early. In his case, fibres in his optic nerve have been so badly damaged that the harm to his sight has been judged to be permanent.


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