Climate Sceptic Received $1.3 Million...

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Climate Sceptic Received $1.3 Million... Empty Climate Sceptic Received $1.3 Million...

Post by Rockhopper on Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:40 am

Well I Never!

Uh oh. Shall we call it "DenierGate"?

For years, top climate science deniers, such as Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), have been citing a handful of folks like Dr. Wei-Hock "Willie" Soon for their willingness to dispute the central thesis of global warming, as shared by the overwhelming consensus of world climatologists.

Now, however, according to documents published over the weekend by the New York Times, it appears that Soon has been accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars (out of some $1.2 million he's received, in fact) from the fossil fuel industry --- including at least $409,000 from coal giant Southern Company and $230,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. Soon was also paid hundreds of thousands by ExxonMobil, American Petroleum Institute, the Kochs' Donors Trust and others for his reports and appearances.

This piece is what I have been saying for a while!

For those not familiar with the way science works, failing to disclose such conflicts is a huge no-no, a very serious ethical breach when publishing scientific reports. Any such potential conflicts or payments must be disclosed within the report at the time papers are submitted.


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