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Critical Thinking and Evaluation...

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Critical Thinking and Evaluation... Empty Critical Thinking and Evaluation...

Post by Rockhopper on Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:05 pm

Memorise a solution to a problem and you will master that problem.Improve your Critical Thinking and you will master a range of different problems.
Critical Thinking involves a divers range of thought processes:
This allows us to evaluate our thoughts in a disciplined way. When we are willing and able to evaluate our thinking in a disciplined and positive way. This will help us define our thought processes and allow us to think in a more comprehensive way.Increasing our ability to reject false ideas and ideaology.
Critical thinking is not just thinking a lot - we must want to be better at thinking, eliminating bias caused by culture and upbringing.To seek out and be guided by knowledge and evidence that fits with reality. Even when it contradicts our cherished beliefs. In fact if those belief are shown to be unfounded, a change of position is the right response.

Critical thinkers hold a position of curiosity, perspective and knowledge and are willing to do what is required to keep themselves properly informed about a subject. They recognise that explanations must testable to be accepted. Exampe, "The crops failed because god is angry". This explains nothing and is untestable.

Criticsl thinking embraces scepticism which doesn't mean indescriminate rejection of ideas, it refers to doubting and suspending judgement until more information becomes available. The sceptic doesn't simply accept claims that include false reasoning, assumptions or biases, it takes the time understanding them and the biases behind them. Reasoning behind factual claims should be based on sound consistent logic not on emotions or socil pressure. The truth of factual claims is not determined by the emotions behind them or the fact that such claims may be believed by certain groups. Some will try to persuade one that reason has no value, it's a concept but that is an untenable position like cutting off the brach one is sitting on using the very thing one is dismissing to construct a case against it.
Reason has an intrinsic role on the decisions and judgements we make as we go through life. Rejecting reason and/or evidence and considering everything in Black and White terms is not critical thinking. When one sees only two options where more than two exist is a false Dichotomy.

When one thinks in false dichotomies one will draw false conclusions, for example: if option 1 is false then option 2 is true. Or if one holds attitude 1 is false then attitude 2 is true. Black and white thinking results in an underlying intolerance of ambiguity; leaping to a flawed conclusion is a sign of not tolerating ambiguity. That is; not about truth or honesty but comfort.The critical thinker can handle uncertainty and is aware of their own areas of ignorance. They can wait for valid evidence and can wait for evidence based answers.
Critical thinking allows each of us the unlock our own intellectual independence, it moves us away from rash conclusions, mystification, reluctance to question authority or tradition.
When we teach and encourage critical thinking we empower people and invest in our collective future.


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Critical Thinking and Evaluation... Empty Re: Critical Thinking and Evaluation...

Post by Monk (in hiding) on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:09 pm

You better take another look at your 'global warming'.

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