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Post by Kaere on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:56 pm

1. Be nice to one another.

2. When posting information that is not your own work, please remember to provide a link to the source. Be aware that if a copyright owner contacts the Island and wishes to have their material removed from the site, we will be compliant to their request.

3. Controversial subjects - at the Island we have a very tolerate view of most subjects however subjects or images that are illegal and/or morally dodgy are not welcome.

4. Harassment - every member of the Island is entitled to harassment free membership. Any harassment of any nature, including harassment in chat or via the pm system should be reported to staff immediately for investigation.

5. The Island is a discussion forum and not an advertisement forum. If you're only here to advertise, don't be surprised when you are encouraged to move on. Spam is stinky!

6. The Island reserves the right to delete content and/or remove any member as it sees fit. We give lots of chances but disregarding of requests to modify behaviour, ignoring warnings, or posting simply to provoke will result in a ban (temporary or permanent as appropriate).

7. Sailors (newbies) require 250 posts minimum as a probationary period before being switched to Islander status. However, consistently disregarding the site guidelines will result in the probationary period being extended at staff's discretion.

Thanks! Agartha, Rogue, Lenzabi, Stirky, and Kaere

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