The Mother/Father Concept of the Portal Gate

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The Mother/Father Concept of the Portal Gate  Empty The Mother/Father Concept of the Portal Gate

Post by Stargate on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:00 pm

I am sure mother father is know to every one on planet earth be it a divisible, or indivisible being.
We grow up taking mother father for granted because as it seems they were given total control over your infant being. When we are hungry we get fed no matter where the food is coming from that is not our concern as babies. We wet our bottom and we don’t care how it is going to get dry, if they mother father do not get it dry we just start bawling and make our demands. We rely on these two beings to teach us everything they know and demand they do not make mistakes. We grow in confidence that everything they do is right and it is ok to follow, because if they do not know then who else will?

We see mother as the child bearer and give reverence to her because she carries the child for nine months and exposes her to the greatest pain that any human can endure in life. At least so we are told.
We do not give credence to fathers for carrying the sperm and having to give birth to the baby that is in the form of a sperm. However we give great meaning to the process of giving birth or otherwise the entry into planet life.

When the sperm enters the egg, these two forces represents the mother father law of attraction, they merge or embraces each other and become whole, the first molecule if you like. If you look at the blood that was used to make your body it came from father to mother not touching or mixing with anything as if in a vacuum. The mother adds her contribution to the blood when she mingles with the sperm and the human structure begins to develop.

Interesting is the place where the fetus develops. First it is immersed in water, and secondly, it develops in total darkness, and thirdly it is totally supported by the facility of the mother father. I know some of you will say that the father is not involved in the development process at this stage, but think again. The sperm contributes to the birth of the baby contrary to the information that is leveled at ignorant people, since we were never told that things are always connected. Just think of an orange skin that did not contribute to the production of the orange.

When you go back through the birth canal and visualize the birth of yourself, you can clearly see that there are two forces at work, both are equally involved in the process.
If you visualize that at one time you were immersed in dark light inside the womb, then you were born into the light on the planet. In reality nothing has changed except that the darkness has remained inside of you and the light is on the outside of you.

When you close your eyes you see dark, when you open your eyes you see light. The light side of you is the physical part we call matter, the dark side is the spirit side. Just visualize what you did in terms of your birth. You immersed out of the dark world
(Inside the womb) into the light world (the sun outside of the womb) but you brought the dark with you from the womb.

This dark world is the spirit world, where the light is brighter than sunlight, only we perceive it as black because our outside eyes are not capable of seeing this brightness. If we can go back through the birth canal with your minds we can enter and get to know the spirit world. Mother father is like a gate into the cosmos.
It is important to know we have outside eyes, and an inside single eye called Pineal eye.  

Facts about Vertical and Horizontal Energy When Giving Birth

This vertical and horizontal energy I am writing about is generally not observed or deemed important in terms of child bearing; however here are some facts that might interest you.

Whenever you stand up you need energy to push up from the ground, to maintain that posture you have energy so you have to eat enough food to keep standing up. I am calling this action and the directional line vertical energy because its direction is upwards. If for any reason at all you lose the energy to stand up you will fall but you do not stay vertical you fall flat namely horizontal, which means you are laying on the ground.  When this happens you do not need energy because you do not have to carry the body weight, this makes the horizontal position neutral and sustainable.
In the horizontal position the only movement that is available to you is a rolling action you cannot move forwards. If you want to move forwards you have to use vertical energy to move, that means you have to stand up or get on your knees to move forwards. Therefore in the vertical action I am generating energy that allows me to move horizontally or forwards.

When the baby is in the womb it has its head in the fetus position namely upwards; just before birth it turns itself around to place its head in the downwards vertical position. There is a reason why it does that because the fetus can generate lots of energy in the vertical position to make a fast exit from the womb since it needs oxygen in the lungs to start the breathing process.  Just as you push up from the earth to stand up the baby need to push up in the womb to make its exit vertically because the mother should be in a vertical position to assist the baby with the work it has to do to get out and get air in the lungs.
If the mother is lying on her back during childbirth then the child is in the neutral horizontal position and cannot move forwards. The mother has to assist the baby by pushing so hard that it make her weaker than if the baby was vertical. If the mother was kneeling down as if going to the toilet thus making it easier for the baby to push itself out, there would not be so minimal birth deaths owing to lack of oxygen during the birth process. In Africa even up to today many women do not need anyone to help them during childbirth. It is as natural as when a lion, or tiger or any animal gives birth, they are all in the vertical position and if you observe close enough the birth process is very short and not many deaths at birth.

I would suggest you try out the horizontal and vertical positions for yourself to see if there are any truths to what is written here.

Interesting Horizontal facts:
If you are tired you have to lie down horizontally. Eyes closed.
If you are dead you have to be horizontal to do that. Eyes closed.
If you are sleeping you have to lie down horizontally to get a proper sleep. Eyes closed.
If you don’t feel well you have to lie down to feel better. Eyes closed.
If you are weak you have to lie down to get strength. Most times eyes closed.
It is better to close your eyes and lie down flat in order to think better.

There are much more to parameters to this phenomenon but these are some of the important things to watch out for.

Interesting Vertical facts:

Energy is generated vertically.
To move horizontally you must be vertical.
To have healthy babies you should be vertical.
To visualize your surroundings you must be vertical.
Most of the times when your eyes are open you are vertical or upright.


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