Meaninglessness of Modern Life...

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Meaninglessness of Modern Life... Empty Meaninglessness of Modern Life...

Post by Rockhopper on Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:53 am

A fascinating look at modern life and general happiness. A series, this is the first clip.


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Meaninglessness of Modern Life... Empty Re: Meaninglessness of Modern Life...

Post by Stargate on Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:34 am

A very excellent video Tim, Thanks.
Well, I hardly know what to say that has not been already said. I think our diversion from logical or critical thinking did not come from planet earth. The Egyptians society lasted for thousand of years, it was broken not by natural evolution, but by some mystical force. I believe some sort of strange energy was released on our planet and we were not equipt to handle the force and diversity. It attacked the cultures which is the DNA for social life and mutated into what we now are experiencing.

There is a book written by a South African called "Indaba my Children", written by a man called Credo Mutwa. He claims our present time period is a repeat of a past civilization that brought humanity to a standstill. He claims everything was automated with robots running every day life. This book was banned in Europe, until they rewrote several parts of it and published it. I had secretly acquired a copy of the original from a source. I was shocked to see the book altered and offered on the open market. I bought a copy and compared it to the older original copy. I could not believe the changes made to it, and most importantly I could not understand why.
What first came to me in reading it, was how close it came to what is happening today.

Social science is the real yard stick for communal living, to lose the social order is like loosing your eyes. The different cultures are like the body parts working together for harmony.


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