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The Legendary City of Agartha... Empty The Legendary City of Agartha...

Post by Rockhopper on Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:37 am

Interesting research of the legendary city of Agartha!


Agartha (sometimes referred to as Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core. Shamballa (also known as Shambalah or Shangri-La) is sometimes said to be its capital city. The mythical paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of the Living Gods and the Land of Wonders. Hindus have known it as Aryavartha (literally : The Land or Realm of The Aryans ; the Land of the Noble/Worthy Ones') - the land from which the Vedas come; the Chinese as Hsi Tien, the Western Paradise of Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Mother of the West; the Russian Old Believers, a nineteenth-century Christian sect, knew it as Belovodye and the Kirghiz people as Janaidar. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning 'the place of peace, of tranquillity.'

The Entrances:

There are allegedly several entrances to the Kingdom of Agharta throughout the world: Some are planetary grid points - indwells and outwells of energy.
Kentucky Mammoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
Manaus, Brazil
Morona-Santiago in Ecuador, discovered by Juan Moricz.
Mato Grosso, Brazil - City of Posid
Iguazu Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina
Mount Epomeo, Italy
Himalayan Mountains, Tibet - the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks
Mongolia - the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China
Rama, India - beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama
Great Pyramid of Giza
King Solomon's Mines
North and South Poles
Mount Shasta, California - the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain
Dero Caves - Atlantean link

An early source for the belief in underground civilizations is The Smoky God (1908) by Willis George Emerson (1856 - 1918), which claims to be the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. The book explains how Jansen's sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. For two years he lived with the inhabitants of an underground network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a 'smoky' central sun. Their capital city was said to be the original Garden of Eden. While Emerson does not use the name Agartha, later works such as Agartha - Secrets of the Subterranean Cities have identified the civilization Jansen encountered with Agartha, and its citizens as Agarthan.

According to Secrets, Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network. While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth's crust or discreetly within mountains. The many cataclysms and wars that took place on the surface drove these people underground. The lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry is what many believe eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the U.S. are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.



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The Legendary City of Agartha... Empty Re: The Legendary City of Agartha...

Post by Agartha on Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:05 am

Hence my name... I have always been a big fan of Jules Verne and I have said here a few years ago that by beginning of 2020s I want to go on a big adventure to try to find the entrance, I heard many stories from the natives in Argentina.

What surprises me with this article you posted is that there's also an alleged entrance in the isle of Ischia in Italy!!! That I can go visit a lot sooner!!

I wonder if Stirky is still up to joining me? Wink

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