Kaikoura 'Quake Moved the Sth Island...

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Kaikoura 'Quake Moved the Sth Island... Empty Kaikoura 'Quake Moved the Sth Island...

Post by Rockhopper on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:58 am

Apparently the 'quake shifted the South Island 5metres closer to the North Island!! Shocked

The Kaikoura earthquake shunted parts of the South Island more than 5 metres closer to the North Island, in a rupture so unusual it could forever change the way scientists think about earthquake hazards.

Scientists analysing data from the earthquake are learning more about its complexity, which was on a scale that may be globally unprecedented.

In the first major research derived from the earthquake, published on Friday in the high-profile Science journal, the 29 co-authors said the earthquake's characteristics could not have been predicted by existing models.



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