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Post by IceWendigo on Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:21 pm

Hi Im just , oh yeah Happy Birthday Kaere, ... here to share info about the Yellow Vest

Basically is a peaceful movement, the media does not cover the 99% of peaceful marches and shows most of the violence there actually is out of context, peaceful unarmed people, men women young and old are brutally attacked by police, like a woman on the ground being kicked in the ribs and beated with a baton on the head, the police pull back  and the outgraged crowd is shown out of context like the boxer. Also some of the vandalism shown in the media was done by Agents Provocateurs.

The movement avoids division, partisan affiliation, 
and also avoid Leaders on purpose, although the Media cherry picks which spokes person to present or claims to be Leader when they are at best spokeperson.

The last straw that broke the camels back, fuel tax is just one straw, it did not brake the camels back by itself.
In 2005 the French People voted against the EU that was rammed by Globalist Elite and the Media propaganda, but Sarkozy and elected government betrayed the people and joined the EU anyway. With each election, whoever is most corrupt gets more media coverage (French Media being controlled by 9 billionaires as is probably the case elsewhere) and wins. Hollande won (I knew before he got elected he was 100% corrupt), again continued the destruction of France. Then Macron, Rothschild banker, got wall to wall coverage and won, and continued the demolition work.

Many People in the YV are concluding, the idea is spreading, that the various problems are symptoms of a lack of democracy, the Electoral system is Aristocratic by nature (always has we didnt know) . A real democracy by and for the people, transparent and participative, with Sortition as an oversight and control mechanisms would be better, but in the mean times, the RIC or CIR, Citizen Initiated Referendum, can help the people adopt their own Laws, abolish laws and treaties, revoke public official and amend the constitution, which should be written by the people and not by politicians anyway.
The people are meeting in pubs, in classrooms, public places, agora etc to have presentations about various subjects and have constitution writing workshops, discussions etc, this is also not covered by the media and even not covered by alternative media.

The Media is really propaganda and its sometimes hard to see some of our assumptions are based on media misrepresentation and disinformation, which is mostly the case with everything related to War and terrorism.

Sidenote, in France in the 70s, Rothchild bank infiltrated the French government after De Gaule left office, and around 73-74 a Rothschild banker changed the banking law so that the government borrowed at interest from private banks instead of using the power of a sovereign national bank. It so happens that something similar occurred in 1974 in Canada, though the Rothschild connection is not as obvious as in France. With the election of Sarkozy, France has been imo under total Globalist occupation. 

Of the Yellow Vest movement in other countries, Australia appears to be the most promising in its message AFAIK.
The Canada YV appears to be a reaction to symptoms and has still to evolve into a movement that seeks solutions outside the box to address the core problem of lack of democracy, instead of for example having the RIC as a priority which could then be used to fix problem x or y.

cheers  What a Face

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Post by Kaere on Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:27 pm

I love you thank you! So nice to see you again Very Happy

I did not know that about 'yellow vest' and all the rest. I knew there was discontent but not the details. The other morning, there were some yellow vest people protesting on Jasper Ave here in town, but I wasn't sure if it was the same group.

I wonder if people (in general) will ever find a way that keeps everyone happy and prosperous *ponders*

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Post by TrueCrazyLion on Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:12 pm

Great topic! I also didn’t know about the Yellow Vests, and after checking out the Wiki page off the back of reading this earlier, it seems that they’ve been doing great things and achieving a lot in the way of getting concessions from the Government, which is a good sign. The photos I’ve seen certainly look like peaceful protests too. 
(Sad that there have been some injuries and fatalities involved though, obviously.)

Overall, I think it’s great to see people being the change that they want to see happen.

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Post by Dan75 on Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:38 am

yes, they raised a good topic


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