Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!...

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Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!... Empty Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!...

Post by Rockhopper on Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:57 am

Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!... This-little-gentleman-is-a-Kakapo-also-known-as-the-owl-parrot.

Have you ever heard of the kakapo? It’s a critically endangered nocturnal, flightless bird from New Zealand. It’s the world only flightless parrot and also the heaviest (unlike other parrots, it can gain substantial body fat since it doesn’t need to fly). It uses its wings for balance and to break its fall when it’s leaping between trees.

Similar to other New Zealand species, it is historically and culturally important to the Maori as a food source and for its feathers. Sometimes, it was even kept as a pet.

The reason for their rapid decline is because of colonization and the introduction of predators like cats, rats, ferrets, and stoats. They have recently been moved by researchers to three predator-free islands where they are under close observation. The total known population is 126.

With these facts in mind, you’ll understand why researchers did everything they could to save an egg when it was accidentally crushed.

From Here.

The Kakapo is a very endangered parrot native to NZ. Large and semi-flightless, it lives on the forest floor.


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Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!... Empty Re: Saving a Very Rare Bird's Egg!...

Post by Rogue on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:12 am

Beautiful bird Rock!! Along with the Tui, Kea, Kiwi, Fantail, Pukeko.. the list goes on.. A very rich birdlife on them there shaky Isles.

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