How NZ evolved...

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How NZ evolved... Empty How NZ evolved...

Post by Rockhopper on Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:30 am

A fascinating look at how NZ developed into the country we know today.

Many of New Zealand’s striking landscape features have been shaped over several million years by volcanic activity, including iconic landmarks such as Lake Taupo, Rangitoto Island and Mt Ruapehu.

The North Island is home to all of New Zealand’s active volcanoes today: the Auckland Volcanic Field, White Island, Ruapehu, Tongariro (Ngauruhoe), Taranaki, Taupo and Okataina (Tarawera).
The beautiful and awe inspiring cones of Ngauruhoe and Taranaki are striking examples of New Zealand’s volcanic nature whereas the South Island’s volcanic heritage belongs to a more distant past but is still evident today at sites such as the Takitimu Mountains, Mount Tapuaenuku, Mount Somers, Oamaru, Otago Peninsula, Banks Peninsula, Timaru and Solander Island.

A video graphic of NZ's formation over time.


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