Plastic from Carbon Waste Gas...

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Plastic from Carbon Waste Gas... Empty Plastic from Carbon Waste Gas...

Post by Rockhopper on Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:33 pm

Two wizzkids have come up with a way to extract CO2 from the air and make plastic out of it.

oday, the 31-year-old co-founders of California-based Newlight Technologies have two factories that take methane captured from dairy farms and use it to make AirCarbon — plastic that will soon appear in the form of chairs, food containers and automotive parts. Coming next year: cellphone cases for Virgin Mobile.

"You'll be able to hold carbon in your hand," Herrema says of the products, which an independent lab says remove more carbon from the atmosphere than their manufacturing emits. By replacing oil-based plastics, he says he wants to help reduce global warming: "We actually want to change the world."

"This will be a paradigm shift in our industry," says Dick Resch, CEO of furniture maker KI, saying AirCarbon will produce the first carbon-negative furniture. KI, which has backed Newlight for eight years and holds exclusive industry rights to its product, plans next year to sell AirCarbon chairs and eventually other products.

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Plastic from Carbon Waste Gas... Empty Re: Plastic from Carbon Waste Gas...

Post by Agartha on Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:48 am

So they recycle CO2 and make plastic with it? Wow!!! And all their products are biodegradable and recyclable.....genius!!

I just read that even when you add the water and energy they use to make their products, they are still all carbon negative.

And they use methane and CO2.... this is what the future will be like, there's always hope in humanity!!

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