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Post by Rockhopper on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:44 pm

The folks over at Fox News had hoped to bully Dish Network into giving their toxic channel the cheap air time it demands, but going into a second week of being banished from the television lineup is only proving that Dish has more clout.

Because Fox News has played the victim instead of offering a fair price to for its weak programming, Dish dropped the conservative propaganda channel, including Fox Business, much to the delight of Americans who value their brains.

Of course, this made Fox News go ballistic and conservative heads everywhere begin to explode. Fox even urged their viewers to declare war on Dish Network, telling them to drop their subscriptions in an effort to force Dish’s hand. According to Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen, Fox is the first channel to throw such a temper tantrum.

“Ironically, Fox News would be the first network to decry this kind of deal-making,” Ergen said. “There’s nothing about this extortion attempt that was fair or balanced.”

Earlier in the year, Dish Network had dropped Cartoon Network and a host of other channels during negotiations with Turner Broadcasting. But both sides worked for an agreement and the channels were restored. Fox, however, chose to wage ideological warfare rather than negotiate in good faith.

The only problem is that Fox is beginning to feel the pain and Dish is only too happy to sit there and watch the right-wing network implode.

As it turns out, Fox’s ratings have plummeted since the blackout of the channel began earlier this month. How’s that for leverage, Rupert Murdoch?


If this is true then I will miss my daily dose of utter humour!


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Fox News off Air?... Empty Re: Fox News off Air?...

Post by Lenzabi on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:01 pm

My roommate works at a Dish Customer Service Center nearby. He has also explained the low numbers of rabid Fox fans compared to the population of Dish Customers not over attached to Fox.

The guide when I check it also has "Fox has removed this channel" on the slots for Fox airtime.

Fox was greedy and demanding, they tried to extort their way to a deal, not negotiate properly. They can suck eggs.

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