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Ghosts of Killiecrankie... Empty Ghosts of Killiecrankie...

Post by Rockhopper on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:49 pm

The pass at Killiecrankie near Dundee was the scene of a battle between the Jacobites and William III's army. The battle took place in July 1639 and was the scene of huge carnage.

Some people say that the pass is haunted by ghosts from both sides. I have been there (not in July though) and I have never seen anything untoward.

It is said that once a location has witnessed so much death it never forgets, and Killiecrankie is no different. It’s a brave hiker who heads through the pass on the 27 July. For centuries, locals have claimed that on the anniversary of the battle, at the exact time when Dundee fell, the lush green grass turns slick with blood. Others tell of how they have found themselves stepping over the phantoms of dying warriors, each reliving their pitiful final moments again and again.
The most terrifying apparition, however, is a young woman who is seen wandering among the dying, armed with a carving knife and a wicker basket. She stops here and there, harvesting the bodies for valuables, hacking at cold fingers to get at their rings, which are thrown in her basket. And if she spots you glancing her way, she will chase you out of the pass. And you had better run, because it’s said that if she lays one ghoulish digit on you, you’ll be dead within a year. Now that’s a story that could give you some sleepless nights.



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Ghosts of Killiecrankie... Empty Re: Ghosts of Killiecrankie...

Post by Solace on Sat Oct 17, 2015 9:29 am

Perfect time of year for this Rock! Very Happy I love ghost stories and this was a good one! Shocked cheers

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