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Why "Conspiracy Theory" ?

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Why "Conspiracy Theory" ? Empty Why "Conspiracy Theory" ?

Post by IceWendigo on Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:42 pm

During WW2 the Germans could bomb at night without being seen.
Radar made them visible
a simple strategy was to use Chaff to fill radar with false signals

The JFK assassination story was so grotesquely implausible that the need emerged to cast doubt
thats when the expression "conspiracy theory" initially came about
911 story was equally ridiculous and the expression had a resurgence, but unlike the 60s,
the internet makes a lot of information available so like Chaff stupid theories are pushed to fill the internet 
with false leads and muddy the water (like chaff) and discredit those that are critical or question of the official truth
("so you think organized crime funded the mayor Gambini's campaign, do you also think the earth is flat, hahaha")

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