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Post by Aianawa aianawa nui on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:47 am


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Something entirely NEW is happening within us, within our planet, within the solar system, within the galaxy, within the universe and within the multiverse and Beyond. A NEW FREQUENCY is being emitted from the galactic center, unearthing all historical records and bringing them forth into the Light to meet the cosmic future. The artificial grid is collapsing at an accelerated rate, core beliefs are being shattered, mass disillusionment is occurring and during this 812-day cycle we will see unprecedented events unfoldings. 388346_2696980940035_1121960655_33014368_1219227812_nOur duty is to remain aligned with the Spirit and true to our Core Essence. It is not enough to mouth the words, we are being called to give our ALL to become the living embodiments of our Divine heritage. This is a Holy Time.
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