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Kool playlist (ISIDA Project)

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Kool playlist (ISIDA Project) Empty Kool playlist (ISIDA Project)

Post by Monk (in hiding) on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:45 am


As you are already here and reading this, it means that the history of our Civilization represents a big interest for you and you desire to understand what is left behind, being hidden by the sands of Time...

The visitors of our site are people of different countries, professions and ages, who are united by one common purpose. This purpose is searching for the answers to questions concerning the mysteries of our Ancient Past, which has left the "white spots" on the map of the World History.

Our researching group has visited Egypt many times. Egypt is the country of the Pyramids, the country of the World Inheritance of the Past -- museum under the open sky.  And then deeper we plunged into the mysteries of the Past, trying to understand the facts through  understanding the common picture of the world. More new questions were left for us by the Eternity - the only witness of the Truth....

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