Ultimate Supernova Moment...

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Ultimate Supernova Moment... Empty Ultimate Supernova Moment...

Post by Rockhopper on Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:54 pm

The ultimate Hollywood disaster movie would portray the catastrophic consequences of a nearby supernova eruption. If one were to occur within 1,000 light-years of Earth, it would be the end of civilization as we presently enjoy. A supernova eruption closer than 100 light-years from Earth would bring devastating health consequences for human beings.

Supernovae are the final titanic explosions of stars with initial masses that exceed 9 times the Sun’s mass. At peak brightness, a single supernova can outshine 100 billion ordinary stars.

Ultimate Supernova Moment... Blog__inline--we-are-living-in-the-ultimate-supernova-moment-1

A supernova outshining its host galaxy, NGC 4526.



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