Malaysian Plane Down...

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Post by Rockhopper on Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:41 pm

Very profound responses! Yes. I too have been hurt by many people but that doesn't stop me from helping others when they need help. Nor will it ever do so.

Like Ags, I believe that humanity will go through a low period but will survive, there are too many good people out there.

Capitalism is powered by greed alone and one only has to look at the true Social Democracies out there to see that there is a better way. In those democracies the people are neither rich or poor, there is very little crime, especially violent crime, and people are supported emotionally and financially.

We need to get back to a simpler way of life that is better for the environment and the people. And stop worrying about whether the neighbour has a better or bigger car or house. Remember a house is just an edifice that keeps the rain off and it's somewhere warm in winter and cool in summer. And a car is just a means to get to work.

Getting back to the subject of the post; I see on Al Jaz that the plane was hit with a blast of shrapnel that caused explosive de-compression and the plane broke up. The BUK missiles are designed to do just that; explode nearby and shower the plane(s) with destructive shrapnel. All indications are that the missile was fired from the Separatists patch.


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Malaysian Plane Down... - Page 2 Empty Re: Malaysian Plane Down...

Post by Lenzabi on Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:40 pm

Hard to say for sure who. I did discover if the source is RT news, it may be as biased and pablum-ized as American News. Independent Journalistic Verification would be good, but there is fighting near the crash site, so too dangerous to investigate.

RT is as messed with by the Kremlin as
Our news is by the White House

Fox News does not care about reality, but if they report something, and it lines up with reality, that is an odd little bonus  Laughing 

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